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In July of 2003, we took a trip "Out West," traveling from Florida through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama.

Here we are (July 8th) atop Signal Mountain, in Wyoming. Jackson Lake is behind the camera and the Snake River is over Anita's right shoulder.

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Signal Mountain, Wyoming

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I grew up in Central Wisconsin, near the Soo Line main between Chicago and Minneapolis,
so much of what I've collected over the years is from that railroad.
Since then I've lived in Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Kentucky, Florida and Tennessee.
Because of that experience I've collected a few pieces representing
Southern Pacific, Louisville & Nashville, and Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis.

Contact me by email (link at the bottom of the page) if you're interested. Thanks!
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Moraine Lake, Alberta, Canada
The picture at left was taken at Moraine Lake, near Lake Louise in the Beautiful Canadian Rockies, on the evening of August 6, 1997.

We are Anita and Ron Kohlin,
from Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.

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April 30, 2008: 1958 L&N RR System Map

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August 27, 2007: NKP H-6 Locomotives
July 19, 2007: Soo Line N-20 Locomotives

July 11, 2007: Pictures from July 2007
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July 8, 2007: WCL's Superior Sub
July 8, 2007: WCL's Minneapolis Sub

June 14, 2007: Pictures from June 2007
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May 11, 2007: Church Picnic

April 11, 2007: Pictures from April, 2007
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March 14, 2007: Pictures from March, 2007
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February 21, 2007: L&N RR System Map

February 7, 2007: Pictures from February, 2007
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March 20, 2006: A Survey of the Bible

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