The Culprit
Photo by Pat Huemmer, copyright © April 6, 2002
Photo used courtesy of Mr. Huemmer and RR Pictures Archives
         On Tuesday, May 15, 2001, CSX locomotive 8888 left Stanley Yard near Toledo, Ohio on an un-manned excursion through the Ohio countryside. With 47 cars in tow (22 loads and 25 empties, 2898 tons) she meandered south at speeds up to 47 MPH. She was brought to a stop some 66 miles and three hours later after another locomotive was coupled to the end, allowing Trainmaster Jon Hosfeld to leap aboard and shut her down.

Per RR Picture Archives, CSX 8888 is ex-Conrail 6410, an SD40-2 built/delivered in September of 1977 to Order Number 767078. This unit has frame/serial number 767078-7.

From the CSX Photo Archives on TrainWeb...

         in Conrail paint with CSX patch
         in CSX' Bright Future paint

Six pictures at RailPictures Dot Net...

         August, 2004: Hamilton, OH
         November 6, 2004: Vitus Jct, FL
         November 6, 2004: Dade City, FL
         July 3, 2004: Pensacola, FL
         April 27, 2004: Atlanta, GA
         August 23, 2003: N. Baltimore, OH

Ten pictures at RR Picture Archives...

         Thumbnail selection page

Stanley Yard in Toledo Some area maps from

         Toledo to Kenton
         East Broadway (South of Toledo)
         Bowling Green, OH
         Findlay, OH
         Kenton, OH
         Toledo to Kenton

County map view
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