Monday, September 25, 2006
Chattanooga to New Market, Virginia
Our Golden Chariot.

To see the full-size photo, just click on the picture.

On a cloudy day, at the first rest stop, this rooster was doing his level best to bring the sun up. You never heard such a "cock-a-doodle-doo" as he was making.
The Quality Inn provided a welcome to us but we managed a wrong turn anyway.
Some folks get back on the bus, others take time to visit. Sue Park, Joe Blocker, Doug Pennington, Jack McKinnon, Charlotte Blocker, June Pennington, Anita Kohlin.
Some of our crowd at dinner our first night out.

Jack and Vivian McKinnon, Bill and Anne Allen, Anita Kohlin.

Table Two: Connie Crawford, Jack and Jean Kinser, Evelyn and Jack Bannister, Joe and Charlotte Blocker.
Table Three: Barbara Snyder, Chuck and Jewel Whidden, Harold and Elaine Grundset, Lenette Glass.
Table Four: June and Doug Pennington (our driver), Janet Hamm (hiding), Sally and Ed Koehn, Tom Curtiss.
Table Five: David and Sue Park, Ann Morgan, Norma and Gil Knier, Bob and Mary Ruth Venable.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
New Market, Virginia to Lancaster, Pennsylvania
In front of the Johnny Appleseed restaurant.
Joe Blocker can trace his ancestry back to this big guy.
Hail, hail, the gang's all here.
While the rest of the crowd went into the Wilbur Chocolate company, I was fascinated with this reproduction of the original Reading Railroad depot in the little town of Lititz, PA. It serves as a tourist information bureau.

The chocolate company is in the background.

And here's where they make Wilbur Chocolates.
Here's Anita posing with the nicely restored Central of New Jersey caboose.
The Lititz version of the Flat Iron Building.
The Pennsylvania Railroad depot in Lancaster, PA.
The beautiful back yard of the Willow Valley Resort Hotel, south of Lancaster, PA.
Momma and three of her new babies.
Time for a swim.
A flight of south-bound geese overhead.
"Everybody out of the Pool!"
Not yet old enough to be fearful...
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Strasburg, Pennsylvania
After seeing "The Psalms of David" at Sight and Sound, we went to lunch at a local buffet.
A young goat, seemingly intent on disassembling this old wagon. Reminds me of the classic Clint Eastwood line from the movie Any Which Way You Can:

"Scrap the Caddy, Clyde."

When you visit a tourist trap, you're expected to come up with a handout for the locals. They can get testy if you don't, and may even give you "the evil eye."
Our group took an afternoon excursion on the Strasburg Railroad. Since they don't have facilities to turn the engine, our locomotive runs backward as we head east from Strasburg to Paradise.
The FPC group comfortably ensconsed in their own private car. Note the high-quality of the restored passenger cars.
At Paradise, our locomotive uncouples from the east end of the train, moves onto an adjacent track, passes the train, and recouples onto the west end.
Our locomotive today is the former Norfolk & Western # 475, a 4-8-0 "Twelve-Wheeler" type steam engine.
An Amish farmer working in his field.
A look back down the track toward Paradise.
Amish farmers putting up a crop of hay. Although the Amish eschew the use of engines for motive power, they are willing to use them to run the hay baler. Notice that they also do not make use of rubber tires.
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Willow Valley, Pennsylvania to Natural Bridge, Virginia
Willow Valley Farm appears to be in the business of raising horses ... and Canadian Geese.
A shot of the Norfolk Southern Rail Yard at Harrisburg, PA, on the west bank of the Susquehanna River.
Friday, September 29, 2006
Natural Bridge, Virginia to Chattanooga
It was raining whenever we arrived at Natural Bridge, but the next day dawned bright and sunny.
The front of the Natural Bridge Hotel.
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