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High Iron
No I wasn't dreamin' any . . . just
    was layin' there at ease,
While the birds was singing gaily an'
    perfume was on the breeze.
I was far removed from duty where I
    watch the extras by,
But I saw the yards at Zenith. There's
    a railroad in the sky!

From the shimmering horizon run
    the high and mighty mains,
With the semaphores a-blazin' on their
    aggregate of trains;
There's a terminal at Luna and a
    tower at Saturn's wye,
So you see I wasn't dreamin' . . .
    there's a railroad in the sky!

There is little use to argue that I
    might have been asleep,
Or let wild imagination run sensa-
    tionally deep.
No, I'm placid and I'm peaceful and
    I'm not agonna lie,
'Cause I saw it, like I told you . . .
    there's a railroad in the sky!

- Charles D. Dulin
Railroad Magazine, Sept. 1950

The Day Is Done
    The day is done
And the marker lamps
    Have been tucked away in the
And the low golden sun
    Throws its last long rays
Far down the shimmering track.

    The points are lined
And we're all but in,
    The chores for the day are done.
And the ICL
    Can go plumb to hell
At the end of a way-freight run.

- H. L. Kelso
Railroad Magazine, May 1950

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