Soo Line Historical and Technical Society
1996 Convention - Rhinelander, Wisconsin

Back to Soo Line # 500 The annual convention of the SLH&TS was held in Rhinelander WI on October 5-6, 1996. A highlight of the trip was to be excursions behind newly-restored Mikado # 1003. Alas, it was not to be, as the locomotive could not be completed and tested in time. Fortunately, steam power was available, and all trips were made behind the Duluth and Northern Minnesota Mikado # 14, from the Duluth Railroad Museum. The little "Mike" was double-headed with the restored Soo Line FP-7 locomotive # 2500 Next Page

The first trip on Saturday was from Rhinelander to Prentice and return.
Here, the train eases onto the Ashland main for the turn-around maneuver.

D & NM # 14 has taken on water Sunday morning as Soo # 2500 waits
patiently for conventioneers to board for the long-awaited trip
from Rhinelander to Ladysmith.

Back to my Soo Line Index The Soo Line Historical and Technical Society is "On The Web" . The Fall 1996 issue of "The Soo", their official journal, had a very interesting article on Rhinelander and the involvement of the Soo Line in the community. Next Page

Photos were taken October 7, 1996.

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