"Niagara Falls"
Our 29th Wedding Anniversary!

 Niagara Falls # 2 Our First view of the Falls after take-off. We are approaching from the North. Canada is to the right, United States to the left. An excellent view of the American Falls just above the Observation tower.
 Niagara Falls # 1 Rainbow Bridge is just left of center below the Falls. Notice the Rapids above both the American Falls and the Horseshoe Falls, where the river drops precipitously. The Niagara River runs south to north, from Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.
 Niagara Falls # 3 Nearly over the Rainbow Bridge here. We're looking into Canada (south-west).
 Niagara Falls # 4 The Horseshoe Falls are directly ahead of the helicopter, with Goat Island in the foreground. The American Falls are just beneath the instrument panel, bottom-center of the photo.
Niagara Falls # 5 Over the Niagara River, below the Falls. Also visible are the yellow cars of the funicular that runs up the side of the gorge, center-right of the photo. The old power plant is on the right side of the river, bottom of the photo.
Niagara Falls # 6 Up-river above the Horseshoe Falls. Goat Island is on the right. We're heading north-west.
Niagara Falls # 7 Directly over the Horseshoe Falls. Goat Island is on the left in this photo.
Canadian National # 6218 None of our trips would be complete without trains. This is the "Pride of Fort Erie", the last Northern type 4-8-4 coal-fired steam locomotive owned by the Canadian National Railways. Constructed in Montreal in 1942, it was removed from service in 1971. In 1973 it was presented to the town of Fort Erie and moved to its present location.
Contact the Fort Erie Railroad Museum at (416) 871-1412 or (416) 894-5322.
All photos were taken on May 18th, 1997, our 29th Wedding Anniversary. Anita's present to me was to let me spend $80.00 Canadian on this helicopter trip.

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