Hill Country Flyer
Cedar Park, Texas
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When we lived in Cedar Park, we were members of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. That congregation was formed the same year we moved there, and has continued to grow and prosper over the years, bringing the message of Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ to the rapidly growing community. In September 1998, they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the church's founding, and Anita and I made a trip there from our new home in Florida to be with them (and to sample some of the Texas Barbecue that has become a tradition).

In addition to visiting with our many friends in the area, we took some time Saturday morning to chase "The Hill Country Flyer" excursion train from Cedar Park to Burnet.

SP # 786 2-8-2 Mikado

Southern Pacific 2-8-2 "Mikado" locomotive was built by the American Locomotive Companys Brooks Works in 1916. Typical of SP steam power, she is fired by oil rather than coal. Caught here between Cedar Park and Leander, Texas, # 786 makes smoke as she brings her train up to track speed.
SP # 786 2-8-2 Mikado
After a hotter than usual early summer, the week prior to our visit saw a lot of rain. The Hill Country was green and flourishing under the warm Texas sun.

All photos were taken Saturday, September 19, 1998.

Photo 3
This shot shows the Engineer's side of the cab, and the three beautifully-restored heavyweight day coaches just behind the tender.
Photo 4
Drifting along on the flat between Liberty Hill and Bertram.
Photo 5
The Fireman is busy maintaining a good fire and ringing the bell at the many unguarded crossings along the line.
Photo 6
Well maintained roadbed gives the paying customers a fine ride.
Photo 7
An ex-Milwaukee Road baggage car rests on the rip track at Bertram.
Photo 8
SP # 786 pulls her six-car train through Bertram past the still-unfinished station, her exhaust throwing a dark plume into the blue Texas sky.
Photo 9
Drifting downgrade out of Bertram.
Photo 10
Notice the guy in the vestibule; he enjoyed the staccato bark of the Mike's exhaust the whole trip.
Photo 11
# 786 leads her train through the curve approaching the highway 29 crossing as they near Burnet.
Photo 12
Approaching the station in Burnet, Texas.
Photo 13
# 786 and her train ease to a stop at the Burnet station. After the train is turned and passengers have their lunch, they will depart for the return trip to Cedar Park.

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