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Major Holmesian Resources
Redmond, Chris: Sherlockian HolmePage - Links to Everything
Moskowitz, Les: Sherlockian Connection (Keeper of HOUNDS-L)
Frick, Willis: Sherlocktron's Holmepage NewsGroup on UseNet
"The Doge of St. Louis" has FAQ's and more...
The Baker Street Journal
The Diogenes Club
Writings about the Writings
A Sherlockian Scrapbook
221B Online - Links to Sherlockian Sites
Baring-Gould's Chronology of the Canon
Official Abbreviations of all the Sherlock Holmes Stories
The Arthur Conan Doyle Society
Live and Times of Sherlock Holmes
Other Sites of Sherlockian Interest
Collins, Edward: "The Continental Op"
Elsom, H.E.: "The Brixton Ghost"
Novik, Naomi: "Sherlock Holmes Lives On"
Naomi's Pastiche/Parody Archive
Shackleford, Lee: "The Blue Carbuncle"
Wright, Alan: "Pook's Hill" has a Robin Hood page
Freeman, Rick: "Yoxley Old Place"
Franklin, Sheryl: "Sheryl's Sherlock Holmes Site" - Old
Sheryl's William Gillette Home Page

the Hounds of the Internet discussion group
Welcome Holmes discussion group

Other Sites of Sherlockian Interest
The Solar Pons Chronology
Expanded Wold Newton Universe

Gillette Castle State Park, Connecticut
Gillette Castle by the Savvy Traveler
Gillette Castle in Connecticut Information

A Dedication to Jeremy Brett
The Jeremy Brett Page
Sherlock Holmes, with Jeremy Brett

The Philatelic Sherlock Holmes

For the Anglophile

Scotland Yard of London

Scotland Yard Bar
Scotland Yard Band
Scotland Yard Books
Scotland Yard Software

Sherlock Holmes Hotel on Baker Street
The World of Sherlock Holmes The History Net "Baker Streets around the World
UK Railway Timetables
World Service of the BBC
Forensic Entomology
Cricket (the game, not the insect)

Local Societies

The Sherlock Holmes Society of London
The Danish Baker Street Irregulars
Nashville Scholars of the Three Pipe Problem
Sherlock Holmes Society of Austin TX
Sherlock Holmes Museum of 221b Baker Street
Keiichi, Narita: Red Circle of Niigata - Japanese Holmes Page
The Singular Society of the Baker Street Dozen

Multi-Media Resources

Carroll, David: Baker Street Connection has the Entire Canon!
Derango, Tirk: Sherlock Holmes Page has most stories in HyperText
The Allen Wayne Company select "Goodies", then "Stories"
Allen Wayne Co. (a new URL?)
Holmes stories
Jimcin Recordings has Sherlock Holmes on tape ??
Tangled Web Audio
Internet Movie Database
The Great Amateur
A Holmesian Pastiche


The Crime Library
The Devil's Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce
Blackwell, Kenneth: Bertrand Russell Archives
Rumpole of the Bailey
Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout
Nero Wolfe by Rex Stout
Ryder, Stephen: Jack the Ripper
Robin Hood Reading List

Libraries, Book Stores

Acorn Books
Adventures in Crime & Space Bookstore
Amazon.Com Online Bookstore
Bantam Doubleday Dell web site
Boston Bookwire
The Bookmine
BookSearcher.Com Online Book Research
Book Stacks Unlimited
Bookwire's Daily Cartoon
Breese Books
Classic Specialties in Cincinnati
Internet Book Shop
Mystery Lovers Bookshop
Rupert Books
Old Sacramento Rare Books
Soda Creek Press
Virtual Book Shop
Wells Book Group
Books NewsGroup

Used Book Search Engines

Advanced Book Exchange
Historic Traveler magazine
Games of Logic has the Sherlock Game
Sherlock@ - the Internet Consulting Detective


Boston Globe
Cincinnati CityBeat
Lexington Herald-Leader
London Daily Telegraph
The Sunday London Times
New York Times
San Francisco newspapers
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post
Directory Assistance
UK Railway Timetables

L-Soft's CataList service
Search for an E-Mail List by Topic

 FBI as Holmes
(from the January 27, 1997 issue of "National Review")

Today In History

Other Businesses

Sherlock's Purveyor of Fine Wines, Sprits, and Beer
P.D.R.'s Train Shop (BCRail Police Sherlock Holmes Pins)
Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Detective - Game of Deduction
Sherlock - The Internet Consulting Detective
Sherlock Holmes Pub-Restaurant in Carmel, California
Sherlock Bones - Tracer of Missing Pets
Victorian Collectibles
The Pipes Digest
Holmesian pipes by Peterson of Dublin

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