Sunday, July 10, 2005 - Folkston, Georgia
Dreary, drizzly, rainy Sunday... (sigh)
"Big Ugly" pulling the autoracks down track 1...
...right past a Q454 North-bound waiting on track 2...
The Canadian "heads 'em up and moves 'em out"
AC motors on the Intermodal. When I first moved to Florida, we saw a lot of these guys on the P&A sub. Now they're rare in that part of the country.
Here's an interesting lashup. Led by CEFX 3134, two more lease motors (HLCX 7205, HLCX 7187) precede the fourth unit which is a B40-7.
A refugee from the Upper Mid-West ™
I don't think you see this every day. A highway box carrier without a box on it. Surely ther's a technical name for this nekkid frame...
Another GE motor, this one in "Dark Future" paint, leads Q120 through town...
Sometimes the Local Color is more interesting than the trains passing by. I'd have liked to talk to this guy about his PINK Jeep with Whitewall tires...

What was he thinking?

The airliners were using IFR flight rules on this day.
"I Follow the Railroad," that is...

Does that look like a Northwest Airlines plane to you?
Yeah, me, too...

"Hey, Willie..."

Here's the "Spirit of Waycross" with big-time power on Q179.
One of the reasons I love Folkston is the attitude expressed by the crews. Far from seeming put out by the "foamers," these guys are very friendly. Just like the folks in Folkston... I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
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