Mother's Day - the Trip Home
On Saturday, May 7, 2005, Anita and I went to Mobile, Alabama to see the display of Dead Sea Scrolls at the Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center. We also took in a show at the IMAX Theater, but for me the highlight of the trip was the opportunity to stay at the Riverview Plaza Hotel, high above the CSX mainline through Mobile.

Here's a picture from their web page showing the wonderful view one has of the Mobile River and, more importantly, the mainline of the CSX Railroad.

We stayed in room 2610, just two floors down from the top. The view was GREAT!

As we left Mobile we took one last look back at the hotel. From there we drove through Spanish Fort and Daphne to Foley, where we had lunch and Anita raided the Outlet Mall.
From Foley we headed back to Pensacola along hiway 98. At Pensacola we had to go right by the Alabama Gulf Coast yard, so I stopped to see what was in town.

We found a pair of their GeePs tied onto a SSAM gondola. Here's the Central Oregon & Pacific 3828.


Here's a cab shot. A GP38, I believe, but I don't know her heritage and am too lazy at the moment to look her up.

You could find an AGR roster Here!


Each of these units had her nose coupler tied to this refugee from the Frozen North ™, a Sault Ste. Marie hopper car.


Here's "Ole' Blue," an ex-Grand Trunk GP40

Is the 6411 an original number? If so, this thing is a GP40-2, serial no. 7359-6, class GR-430j, built in 1972 for the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton and coming into the DTW in 1984. At least, that's what my Canadian Trackside Guide says...


Another shot of her.


A shot of 6411's stern. Anita waits patiently in the Jeep; I figured I'd better not press my luck by dragging her to CSX' Goulding Yard. We left here and took a leisurely trip home to Niceville along hiway 98.


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