Prostate Cancer Information
American Cancer Society
Prostate Cancer information from ACS
National Cancer Institute
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Malecare - Men fighting cancer Together (does not address or even mention Proton Therapy)
Selenium and Vitamin E Cancer Preventian Trial (SELECT)
Links to Web Sites on Proton Therapy
National Association for Proton Therapy

University of Florida Proton Therapy Institute
Prostate Cancer and Treatment
Article at Florida

National Association for Proton Therapy
Prostate Cancer and Proton Treatment

"Brotherhood of the Balloon" by Bob Marckini
Prostate Blog by Jim Tuggey
OnLine Newsletter by Bill Vancil
You Are Not Alone Now by Terry Herbert
Proton Info Discussion Group on Yahoo

Printed Publications describing Proton Therapy
"You Can Beat Prostate Cancer" by Robert Marckini

"Don't Fear the Big Dogs" by Bill Vancil

"Prostate Cancer Meets The Proton Beam" by Fuller Jones

"Faith and Proton Therapy vs. Prostate Cancer: One Man's Journey" by J.P. "Jim" Morgan

Centers of Proton Therapy in the United States
James M. Slater Proton Therapy and Treatment Center
     Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, California

IU Health Proton Therapy Center
     Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center
     Massachusetts General Hospital - Harvard, Boston

Proton Therapy Center
     M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas

UF Proton Therapy Institute
     University of Florida, Jacksonville, Florida

Roberts Proton Therapy Center
     University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
          (to open in 2009)
OncoLink Newsletter

Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute
     Hampton University, Hampton, Virginia
          (to open in 2010)

Northern Illinois University
     DeKalb, Illinois (suburban West Chicago)
          (to open in 2011)

NOTE: Planning is currently ongoing for future Centers at
     - Cancer Care Alliance in Seattle, Washington;
     - ProCure Treatment Centers, et. al. in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Announcement of Two new Proton Centers by Mayo Clinics
      New Centers to be located in Rochester, Minnesota and Phoenix, Arizona

Prostate Cancer Support Groups
Proton BOB Home
Florida Brotherhood of the Balloon
Us Too Prostate Cancer Education & Support

My personal Blog - Info on my Proton Treatment
My personal Blog - Brilliant Political Commentary
My personal Web Site - Ron's Rec Room

Proton Info Discussion Group on Yahoo
Florida BOB Discussion Group on Google
UF Proton Discussion Group on Google

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