Photos of Tennessee Central Locomotives
The Company was also known as Tennessee Coal, Iron, and Railway Company.
Tennessee Central Consolidation
(2-8-0) # 37
Photo made in 1938.

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Tennessee Central Ten-Wheeler
(4-6-0) # 506
Photo made in September, 1938.
Tennessee Central Mountain-type
(4-8-2) # 551
Photo made May 9, 1940 in Nashville.
Tennessee Central Mountain-type
(4-8-2) # 554
Photo made September, 1938 in Emory Gap.
Tennessee Central Mikado-type
(2-8-2) # 604
Photo made July, 1940 in Nashville.
Tennessee Central Mikado-type
(2-8-2) # 606
Photo made July18, 1948 in Nashville.
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