Wisconsin Northern Railroad
In early July Anita and I travelled to Wisconsin. I had a high school class reunion to attend, and while most of our time was spent in doing that and various family things, I was able to spend a bit of time with the Wisconsin Northern railroad.
Wednesday, July 12, 2006 - Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin
I climbed the bank where hiway 178 crosses over the tracks at Norma to get this shot of the "Yard" by the plastics plant. The crew spent the morning putting together a train from the stuff left by UP the night before.
I may have encroached a bit onto the R-O-W to get this close-up of the "City of Bloomer."
After leaving Norma, the train is approaching Bloomer from the south.
Blazing along at track speed, approaching Bloomer...
Some hoppers, a boxcar, and several steel carriers for PMI in Bloomer trail the engine.
After leaving the boxcar on the Coop spur, the 1501 pushed the train on up to PMI, where loads were dropped and empties picked up.
Finished with their delivery and pickup at PMI, the train struggles up the hill into Bloomer.
Here's another old-timer with a green paint scheme.
Running north out of Bloomer for New Auburn, passing a farm typical of the pastoral landscape in this part of the world.
...and 1501, the "City of Bloomer," tags along on the rear, ready to take charge whenever called upon.

I ended the chase at this point, since I had to be back in Cadott for another engagement. Tomorrow is, however, another day.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 - Barron, Wisconsin
About nine AM I headed north to find the train and her crew. I took hiway 53 north to Cameron, then turned east on hiway 8 to Barron. I didn't find the train there, but did find the old Soo Line depot. This is a view of the east end of the building as it exists today.
This view is of the west end.
That same day, "Ken" posted a link to ebay auction # 6223052434, a postcard with a 1910 view of a train at the Barron depot.
Click here to see the auction.
I followed county hiway W back east to Cameron, and after determining that the train was already south of my position I set out in pursuit. I caught up with them about halfway to Chetek.
That's Shawn riding shotgun today; Dewey is handling the train. John is riding the Jeep, making the OS reports, and handling the switching duties.
The "City of Bloomer" leads the south-bound train today.
Arriving in Chetek around 10:45, the train crew discovers that they need to wait until 11:30 to pick up a boxcar. One of the many joys of shortline railroading...
With the boxcar cut in behind the lead locomotive, the Wisconsin Northern once more makes its way south.
Making her way through the lush Wisconsin landscape...
1501 leads her train across a short span that probably dates back to the days of the Omaha Road.
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