Keith Meacham and some other Marshfield Miscreants have loosely organized into a militant assembly of Wooly Wisconsin Wailwoad modelers and sometimes display their collective works around the city of Marshfield.

They have organized under the banner of the Hub City Central Model Railroad Club.

Here are a few pix from one of their assemblies, taken in January of 2004 at the mall in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

NOTE: CLICK on the PIC To see these photos full-size.....

Carl Whittaker and Keith Meacham
Keith recently sent me this picture of their up-coming club car. Dunno when it will be available, but she's a real looker, isn't she?
Someone on the WCinfo mailing list posted these pix of his wonderful models. I don't remember his name but would love to give him credit for the pix that follow. I especially like the Wisconsin Map Unit, the first such I've seen...
And the ever shy and retiring Keith Meacham responds:
As to that Map Unit, that model is a bugger to decal. That Wisconsin Map decal is ONE decal, better applied all at once.
You should've heard the language.
Chris Gilbert's 3026 is the third WC Map Unit model I've built. Chris took the photos of it. Chris lives in England.
Saturday evening Keith passed on these comments and the picture that follows:
"Here is a quick mock-up Accurail did for the Hub City Central's next Club car after the Glencoe Dairy car, a Marshfield Brewing Co. car using the 'Paul Bunyon' label."
"This label has created some interesting controversy in Marshfield. Marshfield Brewing Co. only BOTTLED their beer the entire time they were in business. They had no facilities to can beer. I'm not really certain what year, but Marshfield Brewing Co. sold off their rights to the Paul Bunyon label to Fox Head Brewing Co. in Waukesha, Wis. Fox Head Brewing is noted for the brew they introduced at the start-up of the Chicago & North Western passenger speedster, the '400'."
"The beer was called 'Fox Head "400" Beer.' After acquiring the Paul Buynon label from Marshfield Brewing Co., Fox Head removed the "MARSHFIELD" running across Mr. Bunyon's chest and produced "PAUL BUNYON" beer."
"That produced some of the most interesting stories about Marshfield Brewing Co. you ever wanted to hear."
"One is: 'Fox Head made canned beer for Marshfield Brewing,' which never happened. In fact, people INSIST that they recall Marshfield Beer in cans."
"Funny no one ever saved one, nor is there any photographic evidence of it."
"Another rumor had Fox Head making ALL the beer for Marshfield Brewing Co., which also never happened."
"Fox Head bought the label and rights and made a different beer and had nothing else to do with Marshfield Brewing Co. Marshfield bottled all their beer, even after the Brewery was sold to John Figi who ran it for a couple of years making 'Figi's Certified Beer.'"
"Years ago I did a report for History Class on the Brewery. I talked with the daughter of one of the owners of the Brewery and asked about beer in cans. She assured me Marshfield Brewing Co. only bottled their beer and never canned any beer, nor bought any on contract from someone else."

Photographs were provided by the Hub City Central Model Railroad Club of Marchfield, Wisconsin,
and were compiled for publication on the World Wide Web by Ron Kohlin.
All rights reserved.
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