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and Resources

Graphics Collections

Customized License Plate Graphics
Web Weavers Graphics
Kitty Roach Graphics
A Collection of Animated GIFs from KM Technologies, Inc.
Clipart Sites and resources FAQ from Corel Draw, likewise!
Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
GIF Animation on the WWW
The Transparent/Interlaced GIF Resource Page seems to be gone ...
"Thanks for the Graphics" (Sources)
"50's Clip Art"
"Original Animated Gifs"
"Art Today" image & font archive
"Studio 89" GIFs, Animation, Jukeboxes
"Pixel Warehouse"
"Xara Home Page" - CorelXara
Free Graphics Links
"Animated GIF Artists Guild"
"Vector Development"
"Peter's Software Place"


Anastasi, Tony: "LogoShop" Beland, Dan: "The Ultimatorium"
Broussard, Mary: "Don't Link images from another site" (and why not)
Bucchino, Jeff: "The Wizard of Draws' Graphic Treasury" Free Original Cartoons
Clark, T. Michael: PSP tutorials
Clayton, Mike: Brain Stew Fonts
Crider, Bart: "Bart's Backgrounds & Bars"
Duncan, Paul: "Icon Warehouse" with over 2700 images!
Evans, Andy: "Andy's Art Attack"
Force, Eric: "The Clip Art Connection" is HUGE! Lotsa goodies here (new URL)
Hendriks, Edwin: "Animated GIF Page"
Jacobson, Doug: "The Power of Prayer"
Jacobson, Doug: "RGB Color Chart" original site
Jacobson, Doug: "RGB Color Chart" mirror site
Jefferson, Gary: "Photo Imaging & Bible Study Home Page"

Korpela, Jukka: "Use of Images on the Web"
LazyDude: "Making Really Bad Web Graphics"
Livermore, Tom: Wee Objects Page
Maloney, Marlina: Web GraFX-FX
Newcomb, Mike: "UUDeview v.1.1"
Pase, Barry: "Barry's Clip Art Server"
Pilhofer, Frank: "UUDeview Homepage"
Randy's "Icon BAZAAR" is Musical!
Reinhart, Abel: "The Font Empire"
Shaikun, Michael: "Animated GIF Finder"
Shaikun, Mike: Gateway to over 900 Animated Gif files
Siegel, Dave: "Creating Killer Web Sites"
"Who" has lotsa bg's, animations: bars, Cats...

Font Addict


"GrafX Design Tutorials"
"Bomb Design Studio" - Graphics
"Mayura Draw" free graphics program
"Create 8 - Site Setup"
Links to tutorials for Photoshop and CorelDraw!
"Animagic GIF Animator"
GIF Construction Set
"Ulead Systems" Inovative Multimedia Solutions
"Lemke Software" - GraphicConverter
SnagIt Image Capture
"Jan's Home Site" Dutch Graphics
"The Keyes Klan Home Page"
GIF Animations Resources

Color Calculation

Background Color Index

WWWeb Color Calculator
Color Picker for HTML 3
Colour 97 Program for Color Triples
Background Color Index
Domino Computing Services Great (Free!) Stuff Color Picker Chart
Javascript to convert RGB to Hex
The Browser Safe Palette (Color Palettes Explained)

Color Optimization

Background Color Index

"GIF Wizard" - shrink your Graphics!
"Using Gif Wizard"
"Optimizing Web Graphics"
"Web Graphics Optimizer"

Jasc, Inc. - PaintShopPro
Web Graphics on a Budget - home page for Paint Shop Pro tutorials, free graphics and fonts

"PMView" for OS/2
"ULead" - SmartSaver 3
"Pegasus Imaging"

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