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HTML Writers Guild

Major Organizations -- The HTML Writers Guild

The HTML Writers Guild
HWG Resources

Major Organizations -- W3C

W3C announces HTML 4.0
HTML 4.0 Working Draft Release
Introducing HTML 3.2 from W3C
HTML = HyperText Markup Language from W3C

W3.Org CSS = Cascading Style Sheet
W3C HTML Validator
W3C HTML working/background Information
META data
CNET's Builder.Com Resource Center
The New WebMonkey from Wired

Maddog's HTML for Real People - a tutorial
HTML Reference Library .zip from TuCows
Web Design Group

World Wide Web Resource Listing from Yahoo

Major Organizations -- NCSA

A Beginners Guide to HTML from NCSA
Web Mastery - Learning HTML from NCSA
Web Mastery - the HTML Language HyperNews Forums & Resource Lists from NCSA
Server Side Includes

WWW and HTML Developer's JumpStation from SingNet
HTML Library has a really good set of pointers!
HTML: The Definitive Guide
Creating Net Sites at Netscape
Interlog Support Information
Elsop's Webmaster Resource Center


Barta, Joe: Professional Web Design Brady, Shawn: HotSource HTML Help
Bombadil: Web Page Help
Booss, Dave: Dave's Ultimate Programming Page
Burns, Joe: HTML Goodies
Caldwell, Mark: WWW Authoring by Example
Cunningham, Joani: Weekly Web Design Survey
Dan: Dan's Guide to HTML
David: Drop-down Menus
Dozier, Grizz: HTML 4 Rookies
Finkle, Dan: HTML Help for Free
Folker, Tim: 1st Page
FutureCyn: Future's HTML Cheat Sheet
Gann, John: John's HTML Demos
Gann, John: Just the FAQs, Please Top Ten from alt.html
Gann, John: alt.html FAQ Top Ten
Garvick, Jeanie: Garvick.Com Web Design and Promotion
Gerow, Jonny: Jonny's HTML Headquarters
Grobe, Michael: HTML Quick Reference
Hadley, Kate: Cookie Central
Jordan, Sue: CSS Pointers
Keeran, Todd: Web Site
Kent, Peter: Poor Richard's Web Site common-sense advice
Kirsanov, Dmitry: Dmitry's Design Lab
Kristula, Dave: HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi
Labrocca, P.J.: HTMLementary
LazyDude: Doing Frames Right: A Tutorial
Le Hunte, Stephen: The HTML Reference Library
Lindsay, Mike: HTML for the Rest of Us
Lynch, Michael: Flying Pig Take Out and Cafe
        Have you Kissed a Pig today? - HTML help available
Mateus, John: Pointers on HTML
McWebber: HTML Assistance
McGuinnes, Rhonda: Web Developers Virtual Library
Murray, Michael: Mike's Clock Clinic

O'Sullivan, Miko: The Idocs Guide to HTML Piperoglou, Stephanos: HTML Tutorial

Rule, Jeff: Dynamic HTML Demos
Sandia: HTML Elements Tags defined (Jan 1996)
Sol, Selina: Introduction to Web Design
Suzanne: Top 1% Web Master's Resources
Tilly, Naeem: Tilly's Programming World
TP500: Netscape Background Color Names and Values
The 216 Color Cube Background Maker

Werbach, Kent: The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Wilson, Brian: Index dot HTML the Advanced HTML Reference
Wolesley, Eric: Free HTML Stuff

Other Information

Derrik van Bemmel's fr@me-sc@pe

C|NET's Builder.Com
Loki's Homepage Resource Center
HotSource HTML Help
Writing HTML A Tutorial for creating WWW pages
Project Cool

Another route to the above

Site Rippers Ink!
Hacker's Guide to Navigator

PC World Online
C|NET's Internet Speed Tweaks
W3C HTML Validator Site Inspector
Web Site Garage

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
The Complete Webmaster
html helps Home Page from GeoCities
U. of Essex: Web Authoring Guide
The Frame FAQ
The International 'I Hate Frames' Club
Discussion of META tags
Book: Guide to Dynamic HTML

HTML Workshop
HTML Haven

Browse and View - publish HTML on a disk
DOS and Windows Help

Miscellaneous Information

Broadcast FAX and Junk E-mail Illegal
Canadian Fair Practices Act
Netizens Against Gratuitous Spamming
AntiSpam Org - Fighting Net Abuse / Spam
"The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email"
"Blacklist of Internet Advertisers"
"The Netizen's Guide to Spam, Abuse, and Internet Advertising"
"The Uselessness of Spam" from The Useless Pages
"The Church of Spam"
"John's Shrine to Spam"

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