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Musical Resources

Slide on over to "Big Ron's" and grab a MIDI Jukebox for your surfing pleasure

"Cajun CJ's"
"Banjo Bob's"
"MIDI Files & Links"
"Lightning Pix" has some MIDI files
"The Biggest List of Humor Sites on the Web" has midi files!

"A1A" an all-purpose MIDI Music and Sound Card Advice Page
"Mostly Cajun MIDIs" at Ol' Paw's Fishin' Page
"Best of the Web MIDI Library"
"The MIDI Farm Internet" has over 4,000 clips

MIDI's at "The Sports Exchange"
"Mulderr's World of WAV's"
Norton, 'Notes': "Norton Music and MIDI"
"Iceburg's page of EVERYTHING"
"CDosRun" MIDIs and help
Check for BG Sound
"MIDI Options for Web Authors"
"Zap's Music-On-The-Net Tutorial"
"The MIDI Farm Internet"

Campisi, Steve: "THe CyBeRiaN MiDi FiLes" MIDI Jukeboxes for free
Cruz, Jon: "MIDI Files on the Web" has good info and links
Grant, Steve: "MIDI Test..."
Hall, Barb: has a Juke Box!
Kelly, Charles: "An Alternative to embedding MIDI files"
Kelly, Charles: "MIDI Guidelines" is excellent!
Particle: "Judgement Day" MIDIs
Shlackman, Jed: "Ultimate MIDI Page"
Viper: "Viper's Hangout" has MIDIs

"The Complete MIDI File Directory" has a jukebox
"Jumpbox Page" links to GIFs, Music, etc.
"Tunes.com" Real-Audio previews
"MIDIGATE" from PRS Corp, queues the MIDIs!

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Last Updated October 21, 1998.