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Internet Stuff
HTML Writers Guild

"So, you want a Counter, eh?"
PageCount has free Web site hit counters
Free Page Counter
Surf Point LinkExchange Members
Ichat, Inc.

"How to keep an Idiot busy.."
"AOL Hell"
"The Geek Zone"
"You might be a Computer Geek if ..."

The Free Chat Room Network!
A Virtual Present
Mail a Meal"
The Nerd who Romanced my Computer
Figuring out fake E-Mail & Posts

Year 2000 Problem (aka Y2K)

Y2K Timebomb WebSite
Y2K Watch
Year 2000 Recession? by Dr. Edward Yardini
Tax Policy has "100 Best Links"
Institute for Software Quality Automation
ISQA Y2K Project Year Awareness Survey
Year 2000 Readiness Status
Technology Integration Center Y2K Resource Center
Y2K Background
Neal Laboratories, Inc.
Computer Information Centre
TQM Consulting, Inc.
San Francisco Bay Area Year 2000 Users Group
Year 2000 (InfoWorld)
Year-2000 Impact Analysis (InfoWorld)
WebSleuth at WebMill
Aaaah! A Bug!

MicroSoft Windoze

Undocumented Windows Tips, Tricks, and downloads
Speedup Secrets and instant Fix-it Tricks
Microsoft's online search and Support Center
PC Computing's 7th Annual Windows Superguide

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