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This GORGEOUS photo was taken at Park Falls, WI, by Pierre Milot of Quebec. Ashland, WI was the site of the 1995 convention of the Soo Line Historical and Technical Society. If you can identify the car behind the loco, I'll give you a free pass on the CNO&TP :-)

The January 1996 issue of Railfan and Railroad magazine has a couple of good photos of the # 2500, one posing alongside of #500 at Ladysmith, WI. The following is from the article, pp. 58-59:

"The 2500 was built in 1949 as FP7 demonstrator 7001, which was soon bought by the Soo-leased Wisconsin Central. The 500A was also a demonstrator, one of three (9051-53) that tested on Canadian National and were shortly after sold to the old Soo Line as 500A, 500B and 501A."

Photo was taken September 17, 1995, by Pierre Milot.

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