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I found this Santa Fe Warbonnet parked, waiting for a crew to bring her train up into Fort Worth, early on Thanksgiving Day. This was down on Bowie street, if I remember rightly.

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This Santa Fe booster was the second unit...
I went over to Magnolia street on the north end of Ney Yard and found this set of SD40-2's...
From there I went up to Vickery Boulevard and got a picture of Tower 55.
On to Centennial Yard, where several switcher sets were busy making up trains...
This switcher set was a combination of the old and the new, with a pair of brand-new "Green Goats" MU'ed to an MP15DC built in February of 1975 for the Missouri Pacific.
Here's the UPY 2305, a "Green Goat" Hybrid locomotive designed by Railpower and built under contract by Motive Power Industries (MPI) in Boise, Idaho.

UP identifies these as GG20GE units. The "GG" stands for Green Goat, the "20" means it has 2000 horsepower. The "GE" identifies the base units, which were retired General Electric B23-7 and B30-7 units.

According to the roster at UtahRails, UPY 2305 was completed by the builder on 31 October 2005. Since I got this picture on 24 November, it was obviously delivered to UP early this month.

More information about the Green Goat technology, including a very interesting video, can be found at Railpower's web site.

UP has ordered 20 of these units, to be numbered UPY 2300 to 2319. To this time, 2300 through 2306 have been delivered.

According to the roster at UtahRails, UPY 2306 was completed by the builder on 8 November 2005.

A broadside view of this switcher set...
With their train assembled, these guys were headed east. I was, too; I could hear the turkey calling.
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