September 2006 Photographs
Wisconsin, page Three
In addition to trains Saturday, I found some interesting railroad depots.
The old Soo Line depot, built by the original Wisconsin Central Railway, at Stanley, Wisconsin. It's been the victim of neglect for many years, but can these signs of impending construction be omens of restoration? We'll see...
The east end of the structure, looking westward toward Boyd, Cadott, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.
The depot at Marshfield, Wisconsin has been moved back away from its original location next to the tracks, and is in very good condition.
A speeder display sits next to the depot.
The bay window now serves as a centerpiece to the Royal Tokyo restaurant, a sushi bar.

Oh, the indignity of it all...

Thursday, September 7, 2006
Look at this! I come back to Stanley a week later and find a crew repairing the roof!
Lot's of new wood going in under whatever sort of roof they will be installing. Years of neglect have taken their toll; it's nice to see that this old station will once again have some protection overhead.
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