September 2006 Photographs
Wisconsin, page Four
Monday, September 4, 2006
Monday afternoon, I caught this loaded unit coal train near Lake Wissota, bound for the Weston electric plants.
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
On Tuesday I determined to follow the route of the old Hannibal Branch of the Omaha Road from its beginning just north of Chippewa Falls, all the way to Hannibal. With my trusty DeLorme Gazetteer in hand, off I went under sunny skies.
The old right-of-way is now a part of the Wisconsin State Trail system. Old Abe Trail, at Cornell near the old Stacker, looking north-east toward Hannibal.
Old Abe Trail at Cornell, looking down-river toward Norma/Chippewa Falls.
Ruby Store was once the center of a thriving community, started by one of the lumber barons in Chippewa County. The settlement was named for the daughter of the mogul.
North of Ruby stands this lookout tower, mute reminder of the importance of the lumber industry in days of yore.
At Donald, the Omaha's Hannibal Branch crossed the Soo Line tracks. Only the Soo rails (now Canadian National) now remain but you can see the well-preserved remains of some sort of loading dock or ramp here.
At Hannibal there is little sign of the old railroad. This abandoned building may well have been a thriving business "back in the day."
At Gilman I caught these two Canadians hustling the freight north to the Twin Ports.
My return trip led me back down the Chippewa River from Cornell to Chippewa Falls. I stopped at the old Cobban Bridge; you'll find details of its erection on this Historical Marker.
A view of the Cobban Bridge, looking north toward Cornell.
Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Grafitti-clad Wisconsin Central boxcar in Chippewa Falls Yard.
A sister to the boxcar above.
Local work train headed east out of CF Yard. Shown here getting back underway after making a setout at Kell Container.
Thursday, September 7, 2006
A track-riding weed-whacker making its way from CF Yard toward Owen. I didn't chase him any further, so don't know how far he went.
The business end.
Between Cadott and Boyd, an old school house watches time and trains flow by. If only those walls could speak, what a story they'd tell.
Another trainload of Wyoming heading east for the Weston electric plants.
The third unit is cut in behind the road power to provide extra power out of CF Yard, over the Boyd hill.
In the cemetery behind me I found the grave of Wisconsin's longest living veteran of the Civil War.
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