UP 4141:
The George Bush Express

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Union Pacific's SD70ACe Number 4141, painted in Air Force One colors in honor of the 41st president of the United States, George Bush.

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Yours Truly posing with the UP's latest Special Edition...
A view of the flanks of the Star of the Show.
The second unit in the consist was UP 5199, an SD70M built in December of 2004.
The third unit out was UP 5162, an SD70M built in October of 2004.
In our comfortable seats on board the Dome car Columbine...
Look closely and notice the letters "UP" woven into the fabric of the seats.
We were a bit late leaving College Station, and there were trains stacked up north of Bryan waiting to head south to Houston. Here's a unit train carrying Powder River coal...
Here's a manifest freight train, lurking in the tall grass and waiting for us to clear the main so he can head south...
This old farm boy couldn't resist taking a picture of these John Deere (or should it be "Deeres")...
Here's the Crew Change at Fort Worth. The original crew that took us out of College Station was relieved at Valley Junction; those guys carried us up to Fort Worth.
With our Fort Worth crew in the cab, we soon were turning the corner at Tower 55 and heading for "Big D."
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