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The Dallas Skyline shows up on the horzion as we near the city.

For all the views on this page, you can click on the picture to bring up a larger version of each.

Nearing the city. You can see the Trinity River bridge in the distance, ahead of the locomotives.
We'll be staying at the Adam's Mark Hotel tonight. You can pick it out in this shot from the left side of the Columbine's vestibule.
As we round the curve coming into Union Station, I snapped this shot (looking towards the rear of the train) of the other photographers busy at work. The vestibules were often filled with folks getting shots of their favorite scenes.
After arriving at Union Station, we all piled onto the DART system and rode it to our hotel. Folks at the George Bush Presidential Library had already delivered our luggage, and the Adam's Mark folks expedited our check in so we were soon ensconsed in our luxurious rooms.

This is the view out our window: a beautiful and historic Catholic church. Behind it is the Morton H. Myerson Symphony Center, where we enjoyed the Cab Calloway Orchestra in Concert on Saturday evening.

Sunday morning found the train backing down in front of Dallas' Union Station to allow us to board for our return voyage to College Station. After the clouds of Saturday it was great to see the sun.
I wanted to show you the beautiful drumhead that had been prepared for the observation car but this is the best shot I got. Notice the last car still carries the ubiquitous FRED (Flashing Rear End Device).
The Colorado Eagle is a Dome Dining Car. Anita and I rode in the dome of this car back in 2003 on a trip from Denver, Colorado to Cheyenne. As Bob Eucher used to say, we were "right there in the front row!"
Anita and I rode this trip in the Columbine, a Dome Coach. Those of us unwilling to spring for dome seating, special handling, and First Class service were relegated to the lower levels of this car and her sister car the Challenger, and to the Katy Flyer coach car. Despite being in the "Cheap Seats" we were plenty happy to be along for the ride.
Be sure to click on this one to see the larger picture. I still don't know what that building is all about but it sure is something, eh?

In this view you can see passengers milling around, taking pictures and getting on and off the train. The volunteer crew are wearing some very distinctive shirts, which had a wonderful embroidered logo. Car Hosts had blue shirts, Vestibule hosts had yellow shirts, and some others (big shots, I suspect) had black shirts.

The Gulf Coast chapter of the National Railroad Historical Society had an involvement in this special excursion, and while I'm a bit confused as to the role they played, I do know that the entire crew made our journey very enjoyable.

Anita and I both thank all those who had a part in this very special weekend.

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