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If you look closely, you'll see the Columbine lurking behind the Union Station sign. We made sure to leave the hotel soon enough that we could have ample time for photos and exploring before departure...
...So as long as I had plenty of time, I wandered around to the front of the building and got a shot of the street side of Union Station. The Amtrak agent was busy inside, although I suspect in years past one agent wouldn't have been adequate to the business they probably enjoyed.
We left Dallas right on the advertised, and as we headed west toward Fort Worth I snapped this last shot of the Dallas skyline. The morning sun was perfectly postioned, I think...
I snapped this shot of the Texas Rangers stadium as we cruised through Arlington at track speed. This is the house that "W" built.

We had dinner later that week at a very nice brew pub near there, with son Jeff and his wife Amy who live in Fort Worth. It's great to spend Thanksgiving with family; we always enjoy visiting them.

Tower 55 is a very historic railroad fixture. Railfans have been congregating around this structure for many years, watching the ebb and flow of rail traffic on the Southern Pacific, the Texas & Pacific, the "Katy," and the Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe.

Today these rails are all owned by the Union Pacific and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroads, and highway traffic seems more important than that on the iron rails. In the background of this shot you'll see the "Spaghetti Bowl" interchange between I-35W which runs north-south through Fort Worth, and I-30 which runs east-west.

This cattle feed distribution plant is south of Waco Junction.
I found these cloud formations interesting. Reminded me of when I was taking flight training out of Birds Nest airport east of Austin...
This east-bound train, holding position at Valley Junction on the former Missouri Pacific tracks from Austin as we sped past, told us we were nearing the end of our excursion.

Back in College Station we would depart for Austin where we would spend the next few days visiting old friends. On the Wednesday preceding Thanksgiving we would be enrought to Fort Worth and stopping briefly at the AT&SF museum in Temple. You'll find some pictures from that stop on the next page.

Hope you enjoyed our excursion; we sure did!

Did I mention that the football team of the University of Texas defeated the Texas A&M Aggies (at College Station) on November 25 to remain in contention for the National Championship?

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