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We have a picture of approximately this same view of downtown Austin hanging over our breakfast table. It's amazing how much the skyline of Austin has changed over the years.

For all the views on this page, you can click on the picture to bring up a larger version of each.

Another view of the skyline of Austin, looking northward across Town Lake.
Swans swim under the Second Street bridge...
The Texas State Capitol, once the most prominent structure to be seen when approaching the city from the south along Congress Avenue, is now dwarfed by office buildings that dominate the Austin skyline.
No trip to Austin would be complete without a trip to Barton Springs and Zilker park, home to the "Zilker Zephyr."
After a nice ride along Barton Creek and Town Lake, we returned to the depot and took pictures of one another with the locomotive.
We used to live barely a mile from this crossroad, the intersection of US 183 and FM620. Back in 1973 the only traffic signal was a light that blinked red in both directions. With the tremendous growth that has occured since then, both hiway 183 and 620 carry traffic levels that warrant the construction of this major interchange.

When we lived here, cows grazed in the fields adjacent to these roads. There were even times when you didn't hear the noise of traffic! Now major shopping malls line the frontage roads, and hiway 183 is being made into a bypass around the once-sleepy village of Cedar Park. As the late, great Bob Wills once sang, "Time changes Everything."

The Nickel Plate Road contributed this car, "City of Chicago" to the consist used by the Austin Steam Train operation in Cedar Park, Texas. Check their schedule, and the status of their Steam 2-8-2 locomotive, at Their Web Site.
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