Saturday, June 18, 2005 Nashville to Cookeville, TN
Nashville & Eastern operates over the old Tennessee Central route these days. Here's one of their units, waiting at the yard office just east of the Tennessee Central Railroad Museum grounds.
The TCRM has a lot of old equipment just awaiting the time, money, and hands for restoration.
Here's an FP7 being painted into Louisville & Nashville colors. She'll be Beautiful when finished, a nice addition to the two booster units already in service.
A high-nosed GP-7 being prepared for paint.
Good friend Gerry Miller, a volunteer at the museum, was able to get us a tour of TC 6902, the EMD E-8 passenger locomotive that will be pulling our train to Cookeville today.
Here's the blond, taking her turn in the Engineer's seat. Gerry, a musician and former employee of the Soo Line, is in the shadowed gangway behind Anita.
Anita and Gerry pose with the Star of the Show...
A grab shot of the consist looking forward across some construction.
Another view, better lit, also looking forward along the train...
The Nashville & Eastern tracks are being upgraded in anticipation of use by the Music City Star, a 32-mile commuter rail system that is scheduled to go into service early in 2006 between Nashville and Lebanon. Here's some of the equipment being used to rebuild the track.

You can find information on the commuter rail system Here.

The mainline will soon be operating across this new bridge, thereby gaining track separation for the new commuter rail system. For now, we slide by on a "shoo fly" that skirts the construction...
As the shoo fly rejoins the new mainline, we spot a track gauging device at the point to which installation of the new ties has progressed...
The former Nashville, Chattanooga & St. Louis freight depot in Lebanon, Tennessee...
A look back toward the rear of the train...
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