Friday, June 17, 2005 South Pittsburg, TN
Sequatchie Valley Railroad
Fishin' the Tennessee River under Nickajack Dam...
Plaque explaining what we're lookin' at...
As we crossed the track, I saw a train in the siding. After parking and taking another look, I discerned a Second Train overtaking the first.
Here's what he looks like close up.
Looking for a place to eat in South Pittsburg, we found a sort of a train yard, with a bunch of railroad equipment sitting around. Nobody in sight, but the rails were least, on the main line.
This one even had the name of the railroad (if such there is) on the side of the hood...
Wow! High-nosed Southern Railway power, rusting away in the kudzu...
And then I found this lovely old track speeder.
Needs a little TLC, wouldn't you say?
Last but not least, an old CSX U-boat...
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