Sunday, June 19, 2005 Nashville Union Station
This train came in sometime during the night and sat outside our window.

Look at the parking lot in the foreground. This is where passenger trains used to wait for their passengers to board. You can still see rails in the pavement. The huge trainshed that once covered this area was removed back in 2001.

Pictures of and historical information about the Trainshed can be found HERE.

Chicago & NorthWestern hopper car # 490239.
Chicago & NorthWestern hopper car # 490353.
Chicago & NorthWestern hopper car # 490612.
White Boxcar = Blank Canvas?? Apparently some tagger thought so and went to work on this one.
A view of the South face of Nashville's Union Station. Built by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad back in 1900, it remains a historic landmark of the city even though no longer the hub of transportation it once was.
An all-EMD power consist leads a north-bound mixed freight past the tower in the early morning light.
The East side of the famous L&N Nashville Union Station. This beautiful structure now serves the city as a Wyndham Historic Hotel.

Historic Nashville
L&N Railroad
Wyndam Hotels & Resorts

A shot of the entrance to the Hotel. I had my back to the post office to get this shot; need a wider angle lens, I think.
I think this is the original Freight Station. It appears on an old drawing of the Union Station that hangs inside the hotel.
Another view of the east (entrance) side of Union Station.
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