Friday, February 25, 2005 on the P&A subdivision
With a clear signal, W055 didn't even slow down as he approached the South Switch at Floridale. Track speed on into the Berg block, where he will wait for the Q605 to come take the siding.
He still has two miles to get himself whoa-ed up...
An interesting trainset. GREX3400 is an articulated set of eleven carbodies on 12 wheelsets, with the Cat bucket loader/unloader riding in the carbody numbered 3400. Subsequent carbodies are numbered 3401A, 3401B, 3402A, 3402B, 3403A, 3403B, 3404A, 3404B, 3404A, and 3404B. A standard FRED is mounted on the rear coupler.
A view of the Caterpillar 315C unloader sitting in GREX 3400. Note that this beast is called a "Slot Machine Work Platform."
A close-up of the wheelset between the articulated carbodies.
Here's the standard coupler set between articulated trainset GREX 3400 and articulated trainset GREX 3430.
Pulling back a bit, we can see the 3400 trainset coupled to another similar set, GREX 3430. The 3430 also has its own Cat in residence.
Here's a pic from the good-sun end (west) of the good-engine on this somewhat scruffy powerset.
View of the train from the power end.
Brake equipment on the end carbody (3435B).
Somebody modified the name of GREX 3430...
Consider the benefits of riding in a locomotive that doesn't have a prime mover in it. A smooth, quiet ride is almost guaranteed. The engineer can probably even hear the conductor snoring...

(I'm kidding here, folks ;-)

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