Keith sez: "What I'm sending you now with these GB&W engines are before they were what I considered 'Done'---I hadn't finished Weathering them or adding other details---like windshield wipers on some. In the case of RS-2 # 303 here, she still wears silver truck frames. I hadn't painted them gray to match GB&W practice. This model was originally a Kato UP-painted version, hence, the silver truck frames. She wears gray truck frames now, and she's dirtier than in this photo."
Keith sez: "GB&W Alco S-2 # 201, also before it was detailed out and 'completed.' If I can shanghai Jon Burnett to do some photography for me, I'll get this engine as it looks now, now that I have it fully detailed and weathered."
Keith sez: "GB&W Alco RS-2 # 302. I always preferred the Gray & Red scheme the GB&W had to the later solid-red they adopted. This paint scheme has class!"
GB&W Alco RS-3 # 307, an Atlas model worked over to GB&W practice.
GB&W Alco RS-3 # 308.

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