Folks, Keith bought himself a Digital Camera. I'm learning it, and the Software that came with it. This shot isn't my first attempt at using it.........more like about the 35th. Although I'm gonna hate saying this, let me know what you think. There is considerable room for improvement, I know.


This would be attempt No. 40 with the new Digital Camera. The graininess comes from yours truly f*cking around with the Sharpness in the photo edit program. This and 100 (and the others I shot) were done on the Hub City Central Club Layout. I did this first batch in between ceiling lights, so they came out dark, which I tried "dressing up" in Photoshop after I had edited the photo with the software that accompanied the Camera.

The camera is a Sony "Cybershot" 5 Megapixel Digital.

And, Yes, Keith Fink, the ex-DSS&A Alco's made it to 1971, so seeing one with a BN car nearby is POSSIBLE......I don't recall any being painted like this when the DSS&A RS1's were still around. Old Soo 350-353 lasted until 1975, as did old WC 2361.

Keith (spending my 401k money foolishly)

One of two Athearn F Units I built---everything else is Stewart or Highliner's with a Stewart Drive.

I tried gray stripes across the snoot of this model for the anti-skid striping up there so's shopmen would fall off. I haven't figured out if I like the gray or black yet for those anti-skid stripes.

Once again, I screwed around with this in the Photo Edit program and touched it up in Photoshop. I kept these purposely small for e-mailing, since I hate photos coming to me that are 200KB or larger.

I CAN go back in to Photo Edit and make this WALL-PAPER sized. Good grief, who needs that!??


This is one of those examples of my getting out of hand with my modelling. Unless I would've ended up in Minnepolis at Soo's Yard in Shoreham, my chances of seeing this unit were 1-in-225.

On the Soo Line, that was not good odds.

This is a Kato model that is close to correct. No, t'ain't perfect.

This was attempt 79.


Yeppers, I'm STILL goofing off with my new camera. This is one of the latest results: Ine of my C&NW GP7's, the 1535.

After screwing around with the camera trying to figger out what all the jibberish meant, I found I can make e-mail-sized photographs and they don't come out nearly as grainy.

All the Soo shots I took tonight turned out, but the C&NW stuff was so-so.


Yes, another. This is the Overland Brass RS27 I bought in Eau Claire a number of years ago (must be almost 11 years now; I was driving Gene's old 85 Chevy S-10 I bought from him and Dad was still alive) that I tried painting and almost completely ruined. I "saved" it and re-repainted and decalled it.

Nice model, but it has an Achille's Heel: The drive splines. I haven't run it much because of that. I twisted one coupling on a spline right off and I was only breaking the model in with nothing behind it!!!!!!!!!

I added weight to it as well.


No, I ain't completely immersed in the 1970's. I have done some WC, a couple for myself. This is infamous map unit 3026.

Ben Greuel, see what happens when you sent me roof shots!??


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