I know Roberto Schoneman tried photographing this beast himself, but, for the benefit of the GB&W Fans out there, here's my model of RS11 # 309, short hood detailing courtesy of the photograph collection of Bob Welke.

Anything else I can add, Bob??


This is a shot of one of what I call a "BIG Bucks" F Unit model, Soo 204A. It's a Highliner's A Unit F Unit shell on a Stewart Drive.

I think I got the camera too close, at least that's what it looks like to me, anyway.

I have YET to figure out how to put the numberboard glass in and not have the bloody things "steam up" from the cement.


My model of Soo Line 313, a Baldwin S12. Shot doesn't look too bad. I seem to have a little better luck shooting switchers than anything else!


I did very little to this model other than detail it. This is Stewart's factory paint and lettering and I think they did a very good job. I added the front numberboard (under the rolled-up canvas radiator cover), the re-railing frogs and weathered the bejesus out of it.


Here's one of those troublesome Kato SD40-2's done up as Soo 767. It has a new cab, details and shortened fuel tank. The photo isn't the best, but with all the tips you guys are providing me, I might just get this yet!!!!


Well, guys, see what you think. After doing much study, it seems that in order to get the clearest image in scale, I have to shoot at 1-5 Mg., which produces an image suitable for making WALL PAPER. I can drag that down in the Photo Edit part of the program; 54 is 10% size of the original image.

The model itself is an Atlas W/V caboose. This shot is actually meant for Jason Korth, since Jason is an expert on Soo's W/V Cars. I replaced the windows to match the 1-1 arrangement of the real cars, and if you look closely you'll see I had problems blending in the cast metal window to the carside around it. The windows were originally a Trackside Parts product, no longer produced. Detail Associates has announced a part that is a doublecate of the one I used, so one may be able to turn out a few cars like this in the future.

I couldn't do anything about the Cupola windows. They are the stock Atlas cast-in window. If Nick Molo ever brings out a kit for the correct Cupola, the one on the model will be history!


So sorry, but I found out after I had sent the photo of Soo Caboose # 54 that is was somewhat smallish.

Here 'tis again, much larger, with Close Up turned on and size fixed for e-mailing, about 112kb.

This is an Atlas Wide Vision model I worked over to resemble a Soo Line car from the lot for cars 46-55. The end steps ain't right, the cupola ain't right, but I'll live with it.

54 was the caboose that trailed behing # 56 & 57 until they rolled her over on her side at Mohle on the Greenwood Line in the spring of 1978. It was ON this caboose that I found out that the Trainmen on the Soo Line HATED most of the Wide Vision Cabooses. Dad was talking with Orville Reetz, the Conductor on # 57, while the local was in Loyal switching that day (this was the day I got my ride between Loyal & Greenwood on GP9 # 2404) and Orv had it HOT inside # 54; I recall the thermostat reading 80 degrees.

"Jesus Crist, Orv, you've got it hotter n' hinges of HELL in here! It's 55 degrees outside, you don't need all that heat!" Dad said to Orv.

"Neil", Orv said, "when we get moving, even at 10 miles an hour, the temperature goes down to 40 in a matter of seconds. I HAVE to keep the heater at 80 so it stays somewhere around 40-to-55 degrees in here", and I found out that the Soo's Wide Vision cabooses were not insulated the best and that the window seals leaked air---snow when it was fine enough.

To quote Joe Santucci, "So it goes".


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