Wisconsin Northern Railroad
On Tuesday, five covered hoppers went on the ground in Barron. Two empty plastics cars were back on the track with little effort, but the three loaded with turkey food presented a larger challenge.
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 - Barron, Wisconsin
Day Two
You know you are in Barron, the Turkey City, when . . .

d14.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/3ewu2v

That "Tom" escaped from the turkey plant in the morning and wandered around the tracks. He's probably on some local's dinner plate tonight.

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Cooking Instructions:

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Meanwhile, back at the Railroad...
To rerail the other 3 cars, first the area is protected.

d15.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/48moxm

It's a beautiful day in northern Wisconsin with temperatures getting up into the 70s. The old rail and ties must be replaced up to the first car.

d16.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/45ca7a

As this was going on, the Jenny O-Turkey Store was making a key addition. They are adding on a second receiving line, to "compete with the ethanol industry," as an employee told me. Presently, they can only take in one product at a time which causes quite a backup.

d17.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4cs62s

There will be an "elevator?" going from the top of the mill down to the big corn bin. It was supposed to have been installed today, but must not have because of windy conditions.

d18.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/53kbfq

Another employee told me that formerly, many products were brought in by rail to use in turkey food, depending upon price and availability. These include flax, flour, dog food, baker's meal, distillers, bone meal, fish meal, and wheat. Right now only soy meal is brought in, from Mankato. This summer, fat will probably be brought in by tank cars again. Barron's facility processes about 23,000 turkeys a day while all of the Jenny O-Turkey Store plants process about 150,000 birds a day.
Back to the rail project, new ties are laid in place.

d19.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/5xr8cs

Rail is brought in.

d20.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4xx67v

The rail must be cut to line up existing holes for the rail bars.

d21.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4nedz8

And new holes must be drilled.

d22.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/3oyp2p

New gauge bars are installed to keep the track in gauge.

d24.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/3u662y

John Henrys here. New spikes are driven with alternate swings.

d25.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/3k9ort

Making tracks!!!!

d26.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4fab35

I had to leave for another commitment. When I returned, the track had been built and 1501 was using two hopper cars to hook onto the first derailed car for pulling it back onto rail. The two hopper cars are lighter than the engine on the new track which of course is not ballasted.

d27.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4xgjsd

The easternmost car had already been pulled back onto rail by #34. This car gave a lot of trouble yesterday but with proper blocking and new rerail frogs today, it was pulled back on.

d28.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4848ny

This shows the new section next to the old. A section of rail will serve to rerail the car (hopefully). The wheels and rail have been greased liberally to reduce friction. Still, it was a hard pull with the wheels mired into the dirt.

d29.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4b8ou3

The first truck walked right on.

d30.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4u92r8

But the second truck was a real problem, mostly because a joint had come apart and the truck sideframe dragged the rail with it.

d31.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/43wy53

Gradually, with wedges help, the wheel rises up on the makeshift rerailer.

d32.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4bqwng d33.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/495f2d

d33.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/495f2d
Yea!!!! It's back on rail!!!!

d34.jpg -- http://tinyurl.com/4m6rz3

One more car to go, but it's almost dark. Unfortunately, rain and cool temperatures are predicted for tomorrow (Thursday). And, I have a commitment out-of-town, so I don't know how many pictures I will be able to get.              (Click here)
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